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a thank you to start,a trip home , more dates

Thank you Dave Briggs ,CFRO Co-op radio, Vancouver


Hi ,Bruce . Thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to reply to my old school mail out .you will be receiving an additional package soon .

Accordion and vocals on prairie mountain are by Gillian snider . She also fronts the whiskey jerks , I will have her send you a cd ,loaded with accordion .
By the way , awesome name for a show ." accordion noir " rock on !
Thanks again , Ray elliott .
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Name:Bruce Triggs
Subject:Accordion Noir on CFRO Co-op Radio in Vancouver says hi.
Message:Hi Ray, I'm really liking your new record Prairie Mt. We played it on our Accordion Noir show because we're compelled to play anything with a squeezebox on it. (Little known CRTC requirement.) But it came up on my playlist this morning while I'm working on research and it's been really nice. I'll be recommending it to others. Thought I'd share that appreciation. Thanks for all your work,

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